“I could immediately tell that Bridge Street is a special place when we walked in. It’s very cool what you are doing as a community to support your kids.” George S.

At Bridge Street Coffee House our goal is to provide a place of comfort and peace to our customers. We pride ourselves on serving quality coffee (roasted by Caravan) and teas (Townshend’s Tea). Our shop serves a variety of home baked goods, as well as soup and bread for lunch. All the profits of the shop go toward LINCS , a local non-profit that supports youth in the West Valley.

IMG_6156 (2)

Every morning a group of community members come to enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation, filling the shop with laughter as they tell stories. A class from the Sheridan Japanese School comes to paint a mural on our wall for an hour every Tuesday. Youth come in after hours to help bake cookies to raise money for LINCS or their own causes. And students complete their homework in warmth and free WiFi. We are a safe place for people to come and feel cared for. To reconnect with their friends and family. This is the essence of the Bridge Street Coffee House.

We sell coffee by the bag! Get your favorite Caravan Coffee blend. If we don’t have it, let us know and we can order it in for you.


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