Honoring A Beloved Community Member

Recently DeArmond Bockes passed away.  The family asked that, instead of flowers or other acts of condolence, donations be made to LINCS (Bridge Street Coffee House) or the Sheridan History Museum.  DeArmond and his wife Phyllis were regulars here at BSCH.  DeArmond will be forever remembered for having a toothpick in his mouth or tucked above his ear; for his incredible sense of humor (although a bit on the sarcastic side); his love for OSU Beaver Nation; and his love for community.  It was a beautiful tribute for the family to ask for memorial donations to LINCS and BSCH.  DeArmond and Phyllis have a special love for youth and anything that will help to better the lives of youth.  They have always been encouraging and a huge support of this program.

DeArmond would be pleased to hear about a conversation I overheard when Ian and Colton (pictured above) served a customer who came into BSCH for the first time.  The customer was a coach from Willamina High School.  I eavesdropped on their conversation as they explained to the coach why the drink they made for him was such great quality.  They were clearly proud of the process we teach them in order to make a great drink.  They were obviously very proud of the product they were serving to their friend/coach.  And it was a proud moment for me to hear their excitement about the product they had created.

DeArmond and Phyllis recognize the value of the work we do here at BSCH, not just to sell food and drinks, but to make an impact on the lives of the youth that work here.  A young woman started to volunteer here almost a year ago.  She came here a very shy and introverted person.  She had extremely low self-esteem.  Even though she is beautiful, hard working, intelligent, and talented, she did not and would not believe that about herself.  But as the months have gone by and as we have been able to encourage her and compliment her (with all sincerity) about her character and her ability, she has slowly begun to blossom and believe in herself.  Where she used to be very shy and would not engage in conversation with other youth workers, today she is laughing and initiating conversations even if it’s someone new she is meeting.  Where people would offer her rides to practice and she would look down and say, “No, that’s okay,” today she says with enthusiasm, “Sure!”  She is blossoming into a beautiful, confident, valued individual.  DeArmond would be so pleased to know that the money raised in his memory is helping to continue the work to improve lives and inspire vision in our youth!  Thank you to those who contributed.  We received over $1,800 in honor of DeArmond Bockes and the values he stood for.


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