Would you like to learn how to be a barista? Do you enjoy baking or cooking? At Bridge Street Coffee House we train and give our youth volunteers work experience so that they can find paid jobs elsewhere. We also strive to foster connections with other coffee businesses in order to help our youth volunteers obtain paid jobs.

Why Volunteer?

As a non-profit organization (LINCS) and operating a budding business in a small town, we rely on volunteers to keep this valuable community asset available. We are still less than a year old and hope that sales pick up enough to pay employees, but it could take time. In the meanwhile we rely on volunteers who enjoy making coffee to come in and gain work experience. They’re under no obligation to stay or come every day, we ask only that they behave professionally and give sufficient notice if they cannot make it for their set hours. We work with local schools to provide students an outlet during “work release” periods when they don’t have a job. We see this coffee program as a win-win for the community and the youth. The youth gain valuable work experience and the community enjoys a place to gather.


Volunteer Positions

For all volunteer positions you must be age 14 or older and have a food handler’s permit (we’ll show you how to get one). Most volunteers stay six months (or one school semester/trimester) in order to gain proficiency in customer service and barista training.

If you’d like to be a barista, you can sign up for any number of hours any day(s) of the week, Monday – Saturday. You’ll learn how to run the espresso machine, make all the different of drinks, and gain valuable skills in customer service. You may also learn more about running a business.

We sell variety of baked goods and our famous Kathie’s Kookies. If this is something you’d enjoy helping with you can volunteer in the kitchen. Assist in making a variety of pastries and cookies. You’ll learn to mix ingredients, bake cookies, prepare filling & icing, and more!


We want our volunteers to succeed so we offer flexible hours and the opportunity to complete outside work.

Volunteers receive one free drink per week (no matter how few hours they work) and $2.00 for every drink thereafter.

Certified Barista training; places of employment may contact us for a reference on your barista skills.